10 Video Kimia Menakjubkan

10 Video Kimia MenakjubkanKimia tidak selamanya serumit yang dikira, kadang Ledakan, reaksi yang indah, dan video musik lucu adalah alasan besar untuk tertarik kimia. Berikut adalah beberapa favorit tentang kimia :

10. Thermite vs. Liquid Nitrogen
The British science show Brainiacasked one of the greatest scientific questions of all time: can liquid nitrogen freeze molten iron?


9. Gummy Bear Dies a Fiery Death in Potassium Chlorate
Melt the oxygen-supplying chemical potassium chlorate, drop in some candy, and a fantastic display of fireworks will follow.


8. German Scientist Spits Flaming Spores
When flammable powders are dispersed in the air, they can explode. Throughout history, that phenomenon has lead to explosions in grain storage facilities. In this case, the scientist ignites a cloud of lycopodium spores.


7. The PCR Song
Filmed in the style of a celebrity benefit, this music video is a commercial for a BioRad thermocycler, which is essentially a DNA copying machine. During the song, there are tons of great jokes about the particulars of reproducing the genetic material. My favorite: “PCR: When you need to know who the daddy is.” hints that the reaction can be used in paternity testing.

6. Mysterious Reaction Creates an Undulating Brew
In 1973, this spectacular demonstration was perfected by Thomas Briggs and Warren Rauscher, two amazing high school science teachers. When several clear liquids are combined, the mixture quickly changes colors — back and forth — over and over again.


5. How to Make Stalagmites Instantly
Sodium acetate, the chemical found in many hand warmers, will suddenly crystallize if you prepare a saturated solution and pour it onto a seed crystal.



4. Elephant Toothpaste
Mix concentrated hydrogen peroxide with dial soap, add a pinch of sodium iodide, and a fountain of oxygen-filled bubbles will erupt from the container.


3. How to Make Your Own Glow Sticks
The nerdy thing to do before going to a rave.



2. The Inner Life of A Cell
Animator John Liebler gave the world a look at the beautiful ballet of molecules which gives rise to life.


1. Magnesium Burning Between Bricks of Dry Ice
If you thought that nothing could burn while sandwiched between two bricks of dry ice — think again. Magnesium can combust in an atmosphere of pure carbon dioxide.


If you have not had enough yet, check out the brilliant collection of Edward Kent. He has amassed dozens of fantastic clips.




10 Video Musik Ilmiah

10 Video Musik IlmiahMusik dapat membuat konsep-konsep ilmiah yang menghibur, atau bahkan lucu. lagu Menarik tentang DNA campuran genetika dengan lelucon. Balada tentang hati dan pi membawa fakta membosankan untuk hidup. Berikut adalah beberapa video favorit  yang menunjukkan bagaimana kerasnya usaha pengkaji sains :

10. GTCA

9. The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas

8. El Corazón

7. The Model of a Psychopharmacologist

6. Space Junk Song

5. The Elements Song

4. Pi

3. The Nano Song

2. Large Hadron Rap

1. The PCR Song


10 Video Fisika yang Menakjubkan

10 Video Fisika yang MenakjubkanSecara teori fisika terkesan rumit dan memusingkan kepala. Namun, beberapa gejala fisika seperti Kumparan Tesla, superkonduktor, dan video musik lucu adalah alasan besar untuk tertarik dengan fisika. Berikut adalah beberapa favorit yang terpilih :


10. Musical Tesla Coil
Steve Ward can tune his Tesla coil so that the crackle of each spark sounds like a musical note.



9. Mythbusters Play with Sulfur Hexafluoride
Everyone knows that helium can make your voice sound high like a chipmunk, but what will happen when Adam Savage inhales some gas that is over five times denser than air?



8. Boomerang in Zero Gravity
Japanese astronaut Takao Doi proves that a boomerang will always return to the person who threw it — even in outer space.



7. Helium Superfluid
At extremely low temperatures, some liquids stop playing by their usual rules.



6. Halo of Water Vapor Appears Around Supersonic F-14 Jet
The shockwave surrounding a supersonic jet can compress air so much that the ambient moisture will form a cloud.



5. Sound Waves on Fire
Reuben’s tube is a classic way to demonstrate the concept of a standing wave. Pump some flammable gas into one side of a tube, and attach a speaker to the other side, and watch what happens to the columns of flames that issue from small holes along the top.



4. Water Droplets in Zero Gravity
An amazing set of experiments performed on the international space station.



3. Fun with Ferrofluid
Magnetic fields creating dynamic sculptures.



2. How Superconducting Levitation Works
A fantastic lesson about exotic materials and magnetism in just over six minutes.



1. Large Hadron Collider Rap
Kate McAlpine and her friends filmed this amazingly informative song within the caverns of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.



What did we miss? If you know of a great science video that should get some airplay on our website, please tell us about it.