4 th Strategy – Heaven Gifts – The Secrets of Adsense

The last strategy that I want to share with you is known as the Heaven Gifts. There are more and more visitors using tabbed browsing (open several tabs in a same browser) nowadays.

This particular strategy works by placing your Adsense ads close to the top margin of the page. This will attract accidental clicks on your Adsense ads while your visitors are trying to click on the tabs. The following shows an example,

Why This Strategy Works?
I would say that there are over 50% of the Internet users are using tabbed browsing when visiting the websites at the time of writing this eBook. They are constantly clicking back and forth with the tabs in their browsers especially when they are researching.

The more they click on the tabs, the higher the chance for them to mis-click on your Adsense ads. The CTR here is not particularly high as compared to other strategies as mentioned above but if you are targeting a profitable niche, this would add up to a significant amount especially if you have a decent traffic. Continue reading


3 rd Strategy – Graceful Direct – The Secrets of Adsense

The third strategy that I want to share with you is what I called the Graceful Direct. There are a lot of informational sites that can utilize this powerful strategy. This strategy works by placing Adsense after an article or near the end of a page with the hypnosis header, ‘More related information in this site’. An example is shown,

Why This Strategy Works?
Internet users will scan through your article or any page in your site most of the time and will either click your navigation links or go to other sites. By using Graceful Direct, you announce that there are more related information around and the next thing your visitors will see is a set of links that looks like a normal internal navigation.

Now, there are two scenarios here. After reading the article and seeing the hypnotic headline, your visitors will look for more information within your site (which is good as it retains your traffic) or simply clicks on the Adsense links as there are relevant keywords that are interested to them (good for you as it generates you revenue). Continue reading

2 nd Strategy – GNavigate – The Secrets of Adsense

The second strategy focuses on the usage of a particular Adsense advertisement format, the Horizontal Link Unit. This technique makes the Google ads appear like your internal navigation menu, thus in the name, Gnavigate. This is the strategy that brings me the most revenue among all other formats. Take a look at the following example:

The above is a modified screen shot from one of my site that captures a significant amount of clicks from the traffic using the GNavigate strategy. Notice that I am using the same colors of link as my internal links – blue.

Why This Strategy Works?
This strategy works with most Internet users because they tend to think that the site navigation is located near the top banner of the site itself. Hence, if you make the Adsense ads appears like your internal navigation menu (in terms of colors as well), your visitors will click the top horizontal links looking for more information. Continue reading