Womble EasySub Full Crack + Preactivated

Womble EasySub + Crack + Preactivated

Sudah tidak asing bagi kita mengenai subtitle, yaitu file teks terjemahan bahasa asing yang muncul dalam video/film. Namun, kepuasan menonton film akan menjadi terganggu ketika teks terjemahan dengan durasi waktu film tidak sesuai. Maka, kita membutuhkan suatu aplikasi yang bernama Womble EasySub Full Crack, yaitu aplikasi yang digunakan untuk membuat subtitle, mengatur dan juga mengedit subtitle dengan cara mengimport file subtitle yang sudah ada.

Screenshot :

Screenshot Womble EasySub


  • Preview subtitle text in video player in real time
    Womble EasySub video player provides a convenient tool for your previewing of a DVD subtitle with all the details about the text list. It also allows you to preview your edited subtitle in real time.
  • Sound waveform display on a timeline
    The sound waveform display gives you a visual help to locate a voice segment quickly and to set the exact time for your text. It also lets you change audio track and select different channels.
  • Create, modify and replace subtitle text for a DVD movie
    The subtitle text list lets you create new subtitle creation, such as the creation of your native language translation for a foreign movie; and it also lets you modify, replace, and delete anysubtitle list in a DVD movie with only a few mouse clicks. Thanks to the Unicode implementation, the software works for all languages and displays all fonts.
  • Import and export .srt subtitle file
    Import an existing subtitle file into subtitle list, then you can manipulate it freely, for example to shift time or to change language.
  • Convenient in-place text edit
    Only by clicking on the text field, the text field becomes an in-place text edit window, then you can type text here directly.
  • Add and delete subtitle stream freely and easily
    You can add several subtitle streams with different languages, and you can delete the unwanted streams in the video by only a few clicks

Cara penggunaan Crack sebagai berikut:

  1. Instal Womble EasySub
  2. Copy and replace womble.dll ke direktori instalan (“C:\Program Files\Womble Multimedia\EasySub”)
  3. Selesai.
  4. Namun apabila masih meminta untuk memasukkan serial maka masukkanlah serial ini : EASYSUB-FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Download Installer Version:




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