Introducing Ourselves

Model 1
When you introduce yourself to a stranger, you usually do these things :

  1. Greet them
  2. Say your name
  3. Give extra information
  4. Say something pleasant

Example model 1 :

Eko is a new student in the class. The teacher asks him to introduce himself to the class.

Eko : Good morning everybody.

Student : Morning.

Eko : Well, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Eko Sudarmakiyanto, my friends call me Eko. I’m from Papua (Irian Jaya). Because of my father’s duty, my family moved here a couple of weeks ago. I live at Jln Raya Karangpucung-Ciraja, No.02 Cilacap.

Ica : Telephone number?

Eko : Thank, (0280) 6261-775. If you’d like to call me up personally you can dial my HP 085227545xxx. You may add my email as your friend on facebook, here my facebook address or my twitter You’ve got it, thanks. Err… being a new student and new comer in Cilacap, I’m not familiar with the habit, any places, etc. so, I’d be very delighted if you all like to help me. Well, I thing that’s all. Thank you very much.

Questions :

  1. Underline the expression Eko uses to introduce himself !
  2. What other things does Eko say when he introduce himself ?

Model 2

  1. If you want to introduce yourself, you can say :
    • Hi ! / Hello ! I’m …
    • Hi ! / Hello ! My name’s …
    • I’d like to introduce myself. Im’ / my name’s …
    • May I introduce myself ? I’m / my name’s …
    • allow me to introduce myself, I’m / my name’s …
    • etc.
  2. The respon are :
    • hi. / Hello.
    • Nice to meet you.
    • Pleased to meet you.
    • How do you do.
    • I’m glad to meet you.
    • etc.

Example model 2 :

Iyan : Hello. My name is Ryan Clark. My friends call me Iyan. I’m in the third year, science program, you may look for me at XII IPA 2. I see you standing here alone, and may I join you for a moment?

Eko : Hi, Iyan. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Eko Sudarmakiyanto. You may call me Eko

Iyan : O.K. Eko. Are you new student here? I’ve never seen you before.

Eko : Yes, I’m. I moved here three days ago.

Iyan : I think you are in the third year, aren’t you?

Eko : No, I’m in the second year. Well, I think I must be going to the library now. It’s nice to know you.

Iyan : Nice to meet you. See you.

Questions :

  1. Underline the expression Iyan uses to introduce himself !
  2. Is the language formal or informal ?
  3. How does Eko end the conversation ?

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