4 th Strategy – Heaven Gifts – The Secrets of Adsense

The last strategy that I want to share with you is known as the Heaven Gifts. There are more and more visitors using tabbed browsing (open several tabs in a same browser) nowadays.

This particular strategy works by placing your Adsense ads close to the top margin of the page. This will attract accidental clicks on your Adsense ads while your visitors are trying to click on the tabs. The following shows an example,

Why This Strategy Works?
I would say that there are over 50% of the Internet users are using tabbed browsing when visiting the websites at the time of writing this eBook. They are constantly clicking back and forth with the tabs in their browsers especially when they are researching.

The more they click on the tabs, the higher the chance for them to mis-click on your Adsense ads. The CTR here is not particularly high as compared to other strategies as mentioned above but if you are targeting a profitable niche, this would add up to a significant amount especially if you have a decent traffic.

How To Apply This Strategy?
You can simply place a block of Adsense ads on the very top of your web page for a month and see if it works for your site. Keep in mind that your first priority here is to minimize the gap between your Adsense ads and the top tabs.


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