2 nd Strategy – GNavigate – The Secrets of Adsense

The second strategy focuses on the usage of a particular Adsense advertisement format, the Horizontal Link Unit. This technique makes the Google ads appear like your internal navigation menu, thus in the name, Gnavigate. This is the strategy that brings me the most revenue among all other formats. Take a look at the following example:

The above is a modified screen shot from one of my site that captures a significant amount of clicks from the traffic using the GNavigate strategy. Notice that I am using the same colors of link as my internal links – blue.

Why This Strategy Works?
This strategy works with most Internet users because they tend to think that the site navigation is located near the top banner of the site itself. Hence, if you make the Adsense ads appears like your internal navigation menu (in terms of colors as well), your visitors will click the top horizontal links looking for more information.

How To Apply This Strategy?
To optimize this strategy , you must not have another top navigation on top or below the Adsense GNavigate ad. I normally place the internal navigation menu on the right or left of the site.

You should also avoid placing images directly on top or below the Adsense GNavigate ad as this will decrease your CTR. People eyes are on the images most of the time and hence, giving less attention to your links if they are placed very near these images.

The last important factor to consider before applying this strategy is to give a small margin (around 5 pixels each) between the top and below element of the Adsense GNavigate. This will ease the eye movement of your visitors.

You can find a number of well optimized templates to employ GNavigate strategy for maximum Adsense earnings in Andreas site.


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