Giving Suggestion

Here some expressions you may use on giving suggestion :

  • Asking for suggestion/advice/recommendation
    • Do you think I should …
    • What do you think I should …
    • should I try to …
    • If you were me, what would you do ?
    • Do you have any advive for me?
    • Are you suggesting that I …
    • How do you suggest that I …
    • Do you have any recommendation ?
    • etc.
  • Offering suggestion/advice/recommendation
    • I think you’d better …
    • If I were you, I would …
    • It would probably good idea to …
    • Why don’t you try …
    • I advise you to … / I suggest that …
    • I recommend that you …
    • My advice / recommendation is …
    • My suggestion is …
    • etc.

Example :

Please study the following dialogs, then answer the questions!

  1. Take a rest
  2. Eci : Yan, You looks so oale, why don’t you take a rest? You can continue your work after you feel better.

    Iyan : Thank you.

  3. Relationship
  4. Jame : why are you alone? Your girlfriend?

    Coky : she always refuses to go out with me. She says that she is very busy, Do you have any idea about our relationship?

    Jame : Well … If I were you, I’d leave her and get the other.

Questions :

  1. What did Eci do when she saw Iyan was pale?
  2. What did coky do when his girl always refuse to go out with him?
  3. What is Jame’s response?

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