Expressing Gratitude (Thankfulness)

Here are some expressions of Gratitude (Thankfulness) :

  1. Thanking
    • Thanks
    • Thank you
    • That was very kind of you
    • It was very nice of you to help me
    • How can I ever thank you?
    • I can’t thank you enough
    • I really appreciate what you’ve done for me
    • Can I show my appreciate by buying you …
    • etc.
  2. Response
    • You’re welcome
    • It’s OK
    • Don’t mention it
    • That’s quite all right
    • No need to thank me
    • It was my pleasure
    • etc.

Example :

A young man is talking with a friend on the telephone.

Eko : Well, thanks a lot for telling me the good news.

Ryan : Oh, that OK. I thought you’d be interested

Eko : I am. I wish you the best of luck in the future

Ryan : Hi, thank you. Well, OK, I’d better hang up now

Eko : Yeah, we’ve been on the telephone quite a while, haven’t we? Take it easy, huh? Thanks again for calling

Ryan : oh, my pleasure. See you soon. Bye.


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