Secrets Checklist – The Secrets of Adsense

Adsense Secrets Checklist
There are a lot of elements why using the correct strategies did not work out sometimes. The following advice will help you to re-prioritize your current list and work them out successfully towards the first milestone – USD $100 per month.

Traffic – the most important element

Everything starts from traffic. If you only have around 1000 page views per month, it is nearly impossible for you to make a living based on your Adsense income.

Start to build up your traffic by optimizing your website for your targeted keywords. You should also try writing articles and submit them to directories for backlinks. Refer to this forum post how you can build some good links.

Adsense Best Friend – Search Engine
Not every type of traffic helps in contributing to your Adsense revenue. For example, regular visitors seldom click on the Adsense ads. This is precisely why most blogs do not earn much from Adsense especially if they do not have much traffic from the Search Engines.

The best type of traffic for Adsense performance is from the Search Engines. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to optimize your website for the Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo. There are a lot of stuff to learn if you are new and if you want to really make a living in the Internet, you should get yourself a copy of SEOBook which I have talked about it in my blog.

Relevancy rules
After you have enough traffic from the search engines, the next thing you should check is the relevancy of your Adsense ads. Is Google showing the relevant ads in your site?

Although Google is currently the best platform for the online advertisers, there are still occasions that your site will not show relevant ads to attract the visitors to click. If this is the case, you can increase the content of that page or optimize the entire page by placing keywords in significant areas like the title, headers tag and have them bold as well.

Adsense format matters
The last important thing you should consider is the format of the Adsense ads on your site. There are several basic guidelines that you should follow for maximum CTR:
1. Do not use borders.
2. Use the same color for the links as you are using for the entire site.
3. Do not flood your page with Adsense ads above the fold (I find that 2 – 3 units per page work best).
4. Blending is the key. Try to place the Adsense ads close to your original content and make it looks natural.


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